The Circle of Friends Expands

1974 - 1984

On a cold and wintry day the 17th of October, 1976, the Brecon Cathedral Choir arrived via Toronto and was given a police escort from the border checkpoint in Detroit to Saline. Their week long stay was an unforgettable experience with their new found friends. The Michigan State legislature designated October 17-23, 1976 as Brecon Week in Saline.

The concerts of the Cathedral Choir delighted Salinians. The choir used the High School choir room for rehearsals and in the cold early winter of Saline found it to be "like working in a comfortable Turkish Bath." During the free time, the Brecon folk toured Saline and Ann Arbor and visited their first American dairy farm.

Photo Doris Kays Kraushaar
Brecon Mayor Denzil Griffiths and Saline Mayor George Anderson exchanged official gifts. Mayor Griffiths presented an antique print of the Struet which still hangs in City Hall as a reminder of the Sister City relationship. The Michigan state flag was presented to Cathedral choirmaster, David Gedge. The Brecon party all received glass tankards bearing the Saline seal.

1978 marked the first visit to Saline by Brecon Mayor And Mayoress Arthur and Dilys Bowley. Accompanied by Clerk Don Stewart and wife, Frieda, the Bowleys quickly won the hearts of every Salinian they met. There was at least one Brecon guest in Saline each year for the next 5 years.

In 1979, the Andersons returned to Brecon, accompanied by Doug and Rosemary Elfring and Larry "Big Daddy" and Lou Skinner. In 1980, Mayor Don Shelton, his wife Marjorie and daughter Tracy, and City Clerk Connie Strait visited Brecon.

In preparation for International Youth Year, Brecon sent representatives for each area of culture for an official visit. Twelve guests arrived April 25th 1984 for a five-day visit: Edgar Collier and his son Gareth, Joanne Morris, David Parry, Avril Price, Bill Garnett and his daughter, Jane, David Lloyd, Stephen Brooks, Mark Childs, Mary Mathews and Joyce Winter. The 5 days were again packed with personal exchanges, tours and fast made friendships.

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