The Brecon Jazz Festival


Earlier in 1984, Mayor Shelton had received communication from the office of the Mayor in Brecon inquiring as to whether Saline might wish to participate in a new venture for Brecon, a 3-day Jazz Festival. "This could be an opportunity to strengthen ties between us and underline the goodwill that already exists". How true this statement became. In August of 1984, the 35 member Saline Big Band became a participant in the first Jazz Festival, which is now a fixture on the Brecon cultural scene.
Photo Doris Kays Kraushaar


Mayor Don Shelton addressed the Town Council, even managing a few comments in Welsh.

Later, Mayor Shelton was invited by Mayor Denzil Griffiths to open the Festival. Mayor Shelton's words that "The Joint is Jumpin' " went across the BBC and called all jazz fans to join the fun in Brecon.

On Saturday, the Saline Big Band concert in Market Hall was packed. On Sunday the Band performed in the 900-year old Brecon Cathedral and featured an original piece titled "Hymn for Brecon", which was composed by band member Dill Murrell

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