The First Official Visits

1967 - 1973

First Saline/Brecon Gift Exchange
Musical Youth International was the first People to People Youth Chapter and was led by its founder, Dr. Lester McCoy of Saline. In 1967 he organized the MYI summer European tour to include Brecon. The town of Brecon welcomed MYI by designating their performance date, July 12, as "Saline Day" and thus hosted the first "official" exchange visit between the towns. The first Saline youth to visit their sister city on the tour were April Beach, Gilde Wedemeyer, and Dennis Dicks. Police Chief, and later City Administrator, James Levleit and family were greeted by Brecon Mayor John deWinton and exchanged official gifts.

Photo Doris Kays Kraushaar
In 1973, Brecon's Mayor and Mayoress, Mr. And Mrs. Tony Elston were the first official Brecon visitors to Saline. Mayor Elston broadened the official link beyond the governments when he extended an invitation, quickly accepted, to create a tie between Rotary Clubs.

In 1975, Saline Mayor George Anderson and his wife Gert, traveled to Brecon accompanied by City officials Richard Cole and James Gross, and their families. The 1973 and 1975 exchanges created a close relationship between the Andersons and the Elstons that lasted for many years.

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