Memorial to former Brecon Mayor Susan Francis

On May 21, 2004 a memorial oak tree and bronze plaque honoring the late Susan Francis were dedicated at the Saline Municipal Building. The former Mayor of Brecon was a close friend of the Saline-Brecon sister city relationship for many years before her death last year. The tree and plaque were a gift to the City from a group of Saline donors, led by former Mayor Mark Hopper. Several members of the Saline Brecon Friendship Guild gathered on the west lawn of the Municipal Building and later in the Council Chambers to honor "Susan".

Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell officiated at the ceremony and was assisted by three former Mayors (l-r) Pat Little, Mark Hopper, and Donald Shelton. They each shared anecdotes about the Mayor Francis, including her visit to Saline as Mayor during the 25th Anniversary celebration and her escapades at the traditional Saline v. Brecon golf match during the 35th Anniversary visit in 2001.
Friends Jerry Wingate, Susan Keezer, and Ken Martin, as well as others shared their fond memories of Susan's friendship.
Some of the many other friends who attended the dedication