The 25th Anniversary Celebration


The 25th anniversary celebration in Saline was a grand affair with over 50 Breconians making the visit. Mayor Patrick Little welcomed Mayor Susan Francis and her husband Joe. The entire contingent participated in the 4th of July parade held in neighboring Ypsilanti.

The festivities had a big bang when 250 people gathered at the home of Judge and Mrs. Shelton for an old fashioned American barbecue. The entertainment included a demonstration of the traditional American folk dance form called "clogging."

The real bang came, however, when a storm with tornado force winds drove everyone from the pool and into the shelter of their Saline homes. The winds destroyed the picnic tents. They also downed local power lines so parts of the city, and therefore many of the Brecon visitors, were without water for almost three days. By the time of the closing ceremonies, many of us had grown "closer."
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