The Aberhonddu District Men's Chorus and Measure For Measure


Aberhonddu District Men's Chorus: Excerpt from "Row, Boatmen, Row"

In October of 1992, the Aberhonddu District Men's Chorus from Brecon brought their music to Saline. The Chorus, led by conductor Lynette Thomas, performed to the delight of the elementary and High school students, as well as the senior citizens at Mill Pond Manor and the congregation of the first United Methodist Church.

The leisure time included several tours, but the guests had the most fun at a traditional American Halloween party at the American Legion Hall. Many of them received lessons and participated in their first "square dance", an American folk dance. Others, with their American counterparts, watched from the sidelines dressed in very, very strange outfits.

The highlight of their visit was a joint concert with Measure for Measure, a mens choral society with many Saline members, including conductor Dr. Leonard Riccinto. The concert at Saline High School on October 25 was highlighted by the Aberhonddu presentation of "Troyte's Chant", by Dylan Thomas, and the Measure For Measure performance of Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria". The groups jointly performed the national anthems of the United States and Wales as well as "God Save the Queen."

Measure For Measure: Excerpt from "Brothers, Sing On"

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