35th Anniversary Visit

The Official Welcome   

September 6, 2001

Brecon Mayor Arthur Bowley took the oath as Honorary Mayor of Saline for the length of the visit. The oath was administered by Judge Don Shelton with the assistance of City Clerk Dianne Hill. 

Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell presented a proclamation of Welcome to Mayor Bowley

Former Brecon Mayor Tony Elston returned to Saline. In 1973, Mayor Elston was the first Brecon Mayor to visit Saline. He recounted the early history of the twinning as one of the first "People to People" programs.

Former Brecon Mayor Rosemary Evans recounted how the "Mister Mayor" title didn't fit well, much to the amusement of Saline's first female Mayor, Gretchen Driskell.

Former Brecon Mayor Susan Francis reiterated the comfort that Brecon citizens feel in Saline and told of her hosting in Brecon. 

The current Mayors - Honorable Gretchen Driskell and Honorable Arthur Bowley, MBE

Former Saline Mayor Pat Little added his welcome and remembered his visit to Brecon.

Contrasting his rainy visit to Brecon, former Saline Mayor Rick Kuss promised sunny days for this visit and presented Mayor Bowley with sunglasses and cap in preparation for the good weather.

Former Saline Mayor Mark Hopper challenged the groups to look to the future of the relationship. He also quipped that a new bumper sticker should be made for the visit which reads "Honk if you're not a former Mayor".

Yet another former Saline Mayor, Judge Don Shelton, recognized the returning visitors and especially introduced the first-time visitors and the new generation of visitors. He called our sister city relationship one of true friendship and said "Welcome Home" to the Brecon visitors.

Mayor Bowley addressed the City Council. Councilmembers Alicia Smilde and Dean Girbach listened intently with Mayor Driskell. 

State Representative Gene DeRossett presented a proclamation of welcome from the Michigan legislature and the Governor of Michigan.

Saline Councilmembers Smilde, Girbach, Driskell, Martin and Kuss applauded as Mayor Bowley presented former City Clerk Connie Strait with the designation of Honorary Town Clerk of Brecon.

The Mayors assembled: Rick Kuss, Gretchen Driskell, Arthur Bowley, Mark Hopper, Susan Francis, Pat Little, Don Shelton, Rosemary Evans and Tony Elston

Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild President Kathy Chapin described our 35 year relationship as "unique"

Mayoress Bowley congratulated former Clerk Connie Strait on her honor.

Joan Roth and Valerie Bell enjoyed some refreshments after the meeting.

Connie Strait and Carol Gerrish caught up on the latest news across the sea.

Val Jones is aglow after the ceremony.

Saline City Clerk Diane Hill applauded a perfect evening of greeting and reunion. 

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