35th Anniversary Visit

The Fiddlers Philharmonic at The Saline Fair   

September 7, 2001

The Saline "Fiddlers" is a group of Saline High School musicians who have performed throughout the U.S., including concerts at the White House. They have also performed internationally, most notably two concerts in Brecon. They are the pride of the community and year after year new Saline students fill their ranks with more excellent musicians

In addition to her considerable musical talent one of the Fiddlers, Stephanie Birko, was selected as "Miss Saline" for 2001.

The Fiddlers also perform "clogging", an American folk dance adaptation of step-dancing. Are those future Fiddlers in the front row?

Mayor Arthur Bowley thanked the Fiddlers for their show and led the audience in a "Hip, Hip, Hooray!"

The Fiddlers are conducted by Saline High School teacher Bob Phillips and are "managed" by his wife, Pam Phillips. Mayor Bowley presented special Millennium Medallions to Mr. and Mrs. Phillips.

Mayor and Mayoress Bowley with Bob Phillips during a break in the performance.

Pam Phillips admired the medal as the Fiddlers concert resumed onstage.

The Saline and Brecon audience was enthralled by the lively performance

After the show, the two association Presidents, Mayor Bowley and Kathy Chapin, had a chance to cook up more exchange ideas.

Host Dottie Barnes had a chance to show off her new grandchild to Colin and Gaynor Skyrme.

Sheila and David Blough flank their guests, Valerie and Tony Bell (aka "Tiger Woods Tony").

Harold Tinsey shared a story with Steve Chapin and Carol and Ian Gerrish

Kathy Chapin "plotted" with Joe and Sharon Compton while Dilys Bowley chatted with their daughter.

Adele Hughes and Audrey Barkel had a great laugh.

After the concert there was time to visit some of the exhibits. Dilys Bowley and Marjorie Shelton chatted with cook Virginia Newell and then Arthur and Dilys met with Saline Historical Society leaders, Taylor Jacobsen and Wayne Clements.

A beautiful night at the fair left no time for the Sheltons and the Bowleys to get on all the rides.

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