35th Anniversary Visit

The Saline Fair Parade  

September 8, 2001

Brecon Mayor Arthur Bowley led the Saline-Brecon contingent in the 2001 Saline Fair Parade, accompanied by Mayoress Dilys Bowley, Judge Don and Marjorie Shelton, and driver Greg Shelton.

The Saline High School Band surrounded the Bowleys before the parade began.
The Price Family marched with the SBFG group. Jane first visited Saline as a teenager in 1984 representing the Brecon Future Farmers. She returned this year with husband Malcolm and her own teen boys, James and Edward.

Throwing candy to children along the parade route is a Saline tradition and Marjorie Shelton equipped Jane Price with the necessary treats.

State Senator Bev Hammerstrom met with the Bowleys and then joined the parade herself.

Washtenaw County Clerk Peggy Haines also participated in the parade, with her husband Andy as her driver.

Carol and Ian Gerrish teamed with hosts Harold and Norlaine Tinsey to carry the SBFG banner.

Waves to the friendly crowd were everywhere.

Deputy Police Chief Jack Ceo posed with Adele Hughes.

Rosemary Evans was reunited with former host and friend Pam Brown.

A good Saline hug by Norlaine Tinsey for Arthur Bowley symbolized the end of a beautiful outing for the Saline-Brecon friendship.

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