35th Anniversary Visit

Picnic at Curtiss Park 

September 9, 2001

Marjorie Shelton and Jane Price caught up on family news.

The Bells, Hughes, and Barkels waited patiently for dinner to begin.

Former Mayor Pat Little entertained some of the group with lies about his golf prowess.

Arwyn Morgan and Bill Crim weren't exactly believing all of Pat's stories.

Not to be outdone, Ian Gerrish tried a few of his stories on an incredulous Gordon Jones.

Arthur Bowley and Marjorie Shelton enjoyed a quiet moment. 

So did Jim Roth and Valerie Bell.

Saline photographer Doris Kraushaar and SBFG President Kathy Chapin discuss the visit.

At last it was time to eat - and what a feast it was.

The Price and Driskell boys wasted no time.

Friends Rosemary Evans and Pam Brown enjoyed a reminiscence.

What would a picnic be without a little gossip? Natalie Grossman holds Carol Gerrish and Dilys Bowley enrapt.

Kent Brown and Val Prosser enjoyed the brief sunshine.

And the Prossers then enjoyed dessert. 

The Rouche family is from Wales but are living in Saline. They caught up on Welsh news with the Bowleys.

Active Guild members who attended included Linda Duvall and Ted and Rose Carol Toth.

The Bowleys and their friends, Doris and Stan Sekerka, who earlier escorted them to services at the Saline Methodist Church.

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