35th Anniversary Visit

Motor Coach Tour in Southwestern Michigan 

September 10, 2001

An early start on the coach out of Saline meant sleepy faces for many.

A stop at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids brought a view of the famous DaVinci Horse.

A ride in a fast-moving "dune buggy" on the shore of lake Michigan was quite a change from the coach!


The dunes stretch to Lake Michigan.

Hold On!

"He did say he would come back to pick us up, didn't he?"

The bumpy ride over the dunes was both beautiful and thrilling.

A lunch at the pier before a boat ride.

An afternoon tour on the "Star of Saugatuck" went into the St. Joseph River and out into a windy Lake Michigan.

Some of the boats are bigger than the tour boat!

Sunset on Lake Michigan.

The day was topped off  with a fine meal at the Famous Schuler's Restaurant in Stevensville, Michigan.

Somehow Jerry Wingate ended up at a table he called his "harem".

It's hard to know what was in the glass Rosemary was drinking but apparently Val had some as well.

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