35th Anniversary Visit

Free Time in Saline 

September 15-16, 2001

The scheduled University of Michigan football game was postponed. Instead the visitors had a couple days of "free time" to visit old friends and make new friends in Saline.

Many guests and hosts made an outing to "Cabela's", a huge new sporting goods store nearby. It is quite a sight.

The annual Saline Music Parent carwash is a big event in town. The band, orchestra and choral students raise funds for the music program in the same way they once raised money to travel to Brecon.

Of course there is always time for comaradery and more than a little "extra" soap and water.

Mayoress and Mayor Bowley peered out though a still soapy back window.

Jim and Sue Keezer visit with the Bowleys just before lunch at "Mac's" in downtown Saline.

Former Mayor Mark Hopper and his family welcomed Mayor and Mayoress Bowley to their home for dinner.

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