35th Anniversary Visit

Golf Outing 

September 17, 2001

In the traditional golf outing the Saline team proved to be accommodating hosts as the Brecon team captured the Bowley trophy for the first time since its presentation in 1986. Mayor and Mayoress Bowley gleefully eyed the plaque bearing their name. Saline golfers included Saline City Manager Larry Stoever, Mayor Gretchen Driskell, Consort Blair Driskell, Don Shelton, Pat Little, Bud and Lois Wisely, Mark Hopper, Brian Hopper, Ken Martin, Lucy Crossey, Jim Park, Joe Compton and Gary Hahn. Brecon golfers included Ian Gerrish, Tony Bell, Malcolm Price, Tony Elston, Brian Prosser, and Joe Francis. Susan Francis spent her time collecting mushrooms on the course. Tony Bell won medalist honors and Blair Driskell had the low score for the Saline team.

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