35th Anniversary Visit

The Farewell Party 

September 18, 2001

Mayor Bowley presented a special plaque to Mayor Driskell to mark the 35th anniversary of our sister city relationship.

Mayor Bowley also read a special email message of condolence and support from the Brecon Town Council in view of the attacks in New York and Washington.

Gaynor Skyrme thanked the Saline organizers on behalf of Brecon's Saline Twinning Association.

Mayor Bowley presented a Brecon Coat of Arms to Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild President Kathy Chapin.

Val Gordon thanked three Saline organizers and presented special gifts to Kathy Chapin, Audrey Barkel, and Dottie Barnes.

Of course there was plenty of good food.

Don Shelton put on a computer slide show reviewing the history of the sister city relationship as well as the days of this 35th anniversary visit. 

The slide show also had tongue-in-cheek evidence suggesting that the Brecon team may have used an unfair advantage to win the golf outing!

Friends gathered for farewell hugs.

Gretchen and Blair Driskell shared a laugh with Tony and Liz Elston. 

Arwyn Morgan shared some of his memories of his trip with Richard Swan and Don Shelton.

Ian Gerrish shared another of his stories with the Bowleys and the Sheltons.

Mayor Driskell read a letter from Mayor Bowley inviting Salinians to make a visit to Brecon in 2003.

The Bowleys received a special gift from Saline City Clerk Dianne Hill which expresses their support for the United States.

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