Saline-Brecon Website Honored

by Sister Cities International
by Wales: Home of the Red Dragon

Sister Cities International

The Joint Website of the Saline Brecon Friendship Guild and the Brecon-Saline Twinning Association was honored at the national convention of Sister Cities International for special achievements in using technology to further our sister city relationship. The Technology & Communications Award recognizes the best 1997 sister city program in the United States that uses advances in technology and communication to further its sister city relationship.


The Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild  received the Sister Cities International commendation during a special ceremony at SCI's 42nd Annual Conference in Greater Miami and the Beaches, on July 31, 1998. Judge Donald Shelton, who co-authors the site with Kevin Scott and Brecon Cllr. Michael Gittins, accepted the award, along with Marjorie Shelton and fellow delegate Earl Laughrey. The award was presented by SCI President Roger Randle.

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On July 12, 1999 the joint award was presented in Brecon to Mayor Christopher Walsh and Deputy Mayor Michael Gittins to be rotated between the communities for display and re-exchanged on official visits.

On September 18, 2001 Mayor Bowley brought the award to Saline's mayor Driskell for display in Saline.

Celtic Award

  In 2001, the SBFG site was presented with a "Celtic Award" by the Wales: Home of the Red Dragon website