JANUARY 12, 2014


Present: Rolf and Harriet Amsler, Dottie Barnes, Shiela Blough, Paul and Judy Bunten, Pam and Jack Ceo, Lucy Crossey, Dick and Carolyn Cunkle, Jane Darling, Glena Lilley, Jim Low, Jim and Joan Roth, Norlaine and Harold Tinsey, Bruce Westlake, Linda Terhaar, Marge Delhey, John Wharton.


The Annual Meeting was called to order by President, Dottie Barnes at 2:10 PM.


1.             The 2012 Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild, LTD. Annual Meeting minutes

from January 13, 2013 were read.  Motion to accept – Harold Tinsey, seconded –    Dick Cunkle.  Motion passed.


2.              TREASURER’S REPORT as of year end 2013.

            CD                  $12341.05

     Ckg. Acct.        $  7241.37


Total                $19582.42

Detailed report distributed by Rolf Amsler. Motion to accept – Jim Roth, seconded – Bruce Westlake. Motion passed.




The sustaining membership dues of $25.00 per person will be accepted today.

Monies from the sustaining membership pay for the summer picnic and the fall fling.


4.         LOSS OF FRIENDS IN 2013.


A moment of silence was held in memory of Gerry Wingate whom we lost on Christmas Day and Bill Crim whom we lost on February 20, 2013.





*Ruby Tuesday Give Back Day was held on February 20, 2013.


*Brecon Night was held on April 26, 2013.


*Another Ruby Tuesday Give Back Day was held on June 1, 2013.


 *We held the summer picnic at the home of Marge Delhey on August 18, 2013.  Approximately 25 people attended.  Steve Chapin won the Marion Rooster.


*Trip to Brecon was September 10-24, 2013 with a side trip to Cornwall.  A great time was had by all.


*The Fall Fling was held on October 25 2013 at Holy Faith Church with a good turnout.  Steve Chapin – master chef.  Jim Roth duplicated races enjoyed in Brecon.


*Ruby Tuesday Give Back Day was held November 6, 2013.


6.         THANK YOU


President Barnes gave a great thank you to Marge Delhey, Steve Chapin, Holy

Faith Church and the current board members:  Paul Bunten, vice president, Lucy

Crossey, secretary, Rolf Amsler, treasurer, Bruce Westlake, Betsey Hubbard

Dick Cunkle, Jim Low, David Blough, Pam Ceo, Jim Roth and Pat Lilley.





A term on the Board is for three years.  Board Members whose terms expire are:

Jim Roth, Pat Lilley, Dick Cunkle, David Blough, treasurer and secretary (non-voting board members.)


Pat Lilley who filled Jack Ceo’s place when Jack resigned would like to continue on the board.  Jim Roth has expressed a desire to remain on the board.


No nominations from the floor.  Rolf Amsler indicated he would continue as treasurer.  Bruce Westlake nominated Rolf as a voting board member, seconded by Jim Roth.  Passed. Lucy Crossey has a conflict with the date of the present board meetings.

Nominations closed.  Motion passed.



  1. MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS. The new board will decided on the day of

      the monthly meetings.  They will be held in the Primrose Kitchenette at Brecon  

      Village, starting at 7 PM and last about one hour. All members are welcome to    

 attend and participate but they will not be able to vote.




1.                  SBFG WEBSITE has been updated by Don Shelton.  The new url is:  Members requested to email photos and information to:


2.                   SALINE FIDDLERS.  A letter has been sent by President D. Barnes to parents of the Saline Fiddlers explaining the role of the SBFG, Ltd. and inviting them to join the organization.  John Wharton, Fiddler parent in the audience expressed and interest in joining the group.


3.                  BRECON TWINNING ASSOCIATION Harold Tinsey indicated no one in Brecon has stepped up to assume leadership of that organization. Ian Gerrish and Val Jones are retiring. The books and the treasurer will be “open” for one year.  The new SBFG Board will evaluate the future role of the relationship.  Jim Roth indicated our group can continue to offer support to groups that visit Saline: e.g., students, choir, etc.


4.                  BRECON CATHEDRAL CHOIR indicates interest in visiting Saline in 2014.

5.                  The next Ruby Tuesday Give Back Day is March 12, 2014.      


Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Lucy Crossey, Recording Secretary