Present: D. Barnes, P. Bunten, J. Roth, B. Hubbard, D. Blough, P. Ceo, J. Ceo

Absent:  J. Low, B. Westlake, D. Cunkle, L. Crossey, R. Amsler, P. Lilley

Meeting called to order at 7:10

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Moved to accept minutes by P. Bunten and seconded by J. Roth.  Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  D. Blough deposited $5,946.16 to checking on 4/27/13.  $2,220 was trip money, $177.15 was from Ruby Tuesday, $175 was sustaining membership.

The revenue from Brecon night was $3,374.  After paying all the bills, the profit from Brecon night was $2081.

The checking account had $ 15,334.69 – the L6000  sent to Brecon for the trip.  As far as we know the CDs are $ 12,279.07.

We have not received an email yet from the IRS that they have received on tax form for our 501c3.

BRECON NIGHT: 1. We probably paid for about 30 meals for people that did not come.  We should sell tickets next year so we have a better count of who is coming.

2. $20 was probably too much for the tickets, $18 with $15 for tickets bought ahead.

3.We need better publicity. 

4.We may have to move the date depending on Linndenberg trip.

5. May have had too many silent binging items, may have reduced the amount bid on items.

6. The food has to be better for the price.

7. The entertainment was excellent, book again next year.

8. We may be charged for rent.

BRECON TRIP:  Carl Weller and the Mueller’s would like to go to Brecon.  Paul will call Carl and will send an email to Val Jones to see if they can take anymore.

Motion to adjourn meeting by P. Ceo and seconded by D. Blough.  Approved. Adjourned at 8:00.

NEXT MEETING:  Scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 7:00 in the Primrose Kitchen at Brecon Village.

Respectfully submitted:


Betsey Hubbard for Lucy Crossey