Present: R. Amsler, P. Ceo, P. Bunten, Low, J. Roth, B. Westlake

Absent: D. Barnes, L. Crossey, B. Hubbard, P. Lilley,


Meeting called to order by P. Bunton  at 7:03pm.


MINUTES:  January 26 Minutes were approved


BRECON NIGHT: (1) The date is April 25, 2014. (2) The menu: back forest ham, roasted turkey, very cheesy potatoes, green beans with bacon and onions (southern style), corn, salad,, rolls, cake and decaf coffee.   (3) The American Legion is charging $15 per plate and the rent for the hall is free.   (4) We will have a 50/50 drawing and auction off the jewels.   (5) We will also have music by the “Sugar Factory”.  (6) We are planning for 50 attendees.   (7) We will have tickets purchased before the event and will sell tickets at the door.  Jim Roth will print the tickets and be in charge of the pre-sale of the tickets.  (8) The Ann Arbor Observer will list the following: “Brecon Night”: Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild. Dinner and live entertainment “Sugar Factory” to celebrate the 48th anniversary of Saline’s sister-city relationship with Brecon, Wales. Also, an auction. 6 p.m., Saline American Legion Hall, 320 W. Michigan Ave., Saline. Tickets $20 (kids, $10)., 429-4063. (9) Bruce will place the “A” frame signs for advertising this event.


MEETING DATES AND FREQUENCY:  We will meet quarterly and on an as needed basis on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The meeting dates are:  April 16, July 16 and October 15, 2014. The Annual Meeting” will be the second Sunday in January 


OTHER ITEMS:  Paul sent a condolence letter to Ian Gerrish in regards to Tony Bell’s death and have him to forward it to Tony’s family .


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  February 26, 2014 at 7pm in the Primrose Kitchenette at Brecon Village.


Meeting adjourned ay 7:32pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Roth

Secretary in the absence of Lucy Crossey