Present: D. Barnes, R. Amsler, L Crossey, B. Hubbard, J. Roth, P. Lilley

Absent: P. Bunten, B. Westlake, P. Ceo, J. Low

Guests: J. Ceo, Rose Carol Toth


Meeting called to order by D. Barnes at 7:05


MINUTES from the July 15, 2014 SBFG Ltd. Board Meeting.  Move to approve, J. Roth, seconded B. Hubbard. Passed

TREASURER'S REPORT:    CD.        $12341.05

                                                   Checking: $8164.45

                                                   Total:      $20505.50

Motion to approve, B. Hubbard, seconded P. Lilley.  Passed


CONDOLENCES TO BRECON:  The SBFG was notified of the death of Dilys Bowley on September 6, 2014.  A sympathy card was sent to the family.  In addition a group of SBFG, LTD. Members gathered at the Friendship Rock to remember Dilys the day of her funeral.


FALL FLING:  Friday, October 24, 2014 at Holy Faith Church, 6299 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.  Betsey reports to date only 10 members plan to attend. Discussion followed on opening the Fall Fling up to all members vs. limiting attendance to sustaining members.  Motion by B. Hubbard as per discussion.  Seconded by P. Lilley.  Passed.  Lucy will send notification of the change to all members.  Set up at 3 PM. Dottie, Joan, and Lucy to assist Betsey.


BRECON UPDATE:  No communications from the Brecon City Council.  Kim Bowley is attempting to co-ordinate a soccer match between the sister cities to be held at Christ College in Brecon.  It would include Brecon, Saline’s travel soccer team, and Brecon’s French sister city.


BOARD MEMBERS STATUS:  Dottie Barnes, Pam Ceo, Lucy Crossey, Jim Low’s terms end in 2014.  Pam Ceo is willing to continue per Jack Ceo.  Dottie Barnes and Lucy Crossey are retiring.  Jim Low unknown.  The board goal is to obtain a minimum of three replacements for the four retiring members.


ANNUAL MEETING:  Motion by Jim Roth to hold the meeting Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 2 PM at Saline City Hall.  Seconded by B. Hubbard.  Passed.  L. Crossey to contact city clerk and reserve the Saline City Council Chambers for that day.  (This was done.) R. Amsler suggested the new board hold a meeting immediately following the annual meeting to elect officers for 2015. 


NEXT MEETING:  Annual Meeting to be held at City Hall on January 11, 2015 at 2 PM. (Confirmed)


Motion to adjourn at 7:35 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Lucy Crossey, Secretary