50th Anniversary


Saline and Brecon celebrated the 50th anniversary of their twinning with the dedication of a new bench in Brecon Park in Saline. Here is a video of the ceremony:


Noah Campbell, Todd Campbell, Joan Roth, Jim Roth, Pam Ceo, Bruce Westlake, Linda TerHaar, Dottie Barnes, Betsey Hubbard, Lucy Crossey, Patrick Lilley, Glenna Lilley, David Blough, Shiela Blough, Jack Ceo, Marjorie Shelton, Connie Strait, Rolf Amsler, Norlaine Tinsey, Brian Marl, Dean Girbach, David Rhoads

Longest standing members get to sit: Jim Roth, Lucy Crossey, Connie Strait, Dottie Barnes, Rolf Amsler

Saline Brecon Friendship Guild Board Members : Pam Ceo, Betsey Hubbard, Patrick Lilley, Rolf Amsler, David Blough back row Bruce Westlake and Jim Roth

(photos by Bruce Westlake)