2003 Official Visit

A Warm Welcome in Brecon

July 26 - August 3, 2003

Photo Highlights of the Visit

The List of Brecon Hosts and Saline Guests

Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell led 46 Saline residents on a visit to Brecon and was welcomed by Brecon Mayor Ieuan Williams in a ceremony at the Guild Hall. The visit was highlighted by an opportunity to attend the Brecon Show, which the Salinians likened to a Midwestern U.S. "fair". The middle of the visit featured a coach trip to Ireland where "blarney" was once again served. In a special moment, Gail Rofe, Brecon's first female Town Clerk, and Mayor Driskell, Saline's first female Mayor, posed before the portrait of Gwenllian E. F. Morgan, who was Brecon's first female Mayor in 1910.

Photo Highlights of the Visit

Saline visitors at Aberglasney The magnificent National Botanic Gardens of Wales
Waiting to kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland Kathy Chapin picked out a piece of Waterford crystal for Steve to buy.
Cllr. & Mrs. Bowley pose appropriately at St. David's. The Brecon Show had other males also "jumping through hoops".
Sheep judging at the Show What kind of haircut is this ??
A champion bull . . . and former Mayor Pat Little  presented the golf trophy to Ian Gerrish.
A farewell from Mayor Williams.
And a musical farewell from Arthur Bowley, Kim Bowley, Ian Gerrish, Peter Evans and Ian Hill
(photos courtesy of Jim Roth)

The List of Brecon Hosts and Saline Guests:


Arthur & Dilys Bowley - Jim & Joan Roth

Carol & Ian Gerrish - Harold & Norlaine Tinsey

Ken & Ydwena Jones - Linda Duval

Pat Jones  - Kathy & Steve Chapin and Mary Martin and Louise Anderson Lowe

Colin & Gaynor Skyrme - Ted & Rose Carol Toth

Gordon & Val Jones - Marion & Joan Lee

Marian & Arwyn Morgan - Dick Swan & Betsy Hubbard

Joyce Winter - Dianne Hill and Marilyn Crosbie

Lorraine Bowen - Ken & Karen Martin

Merlin & Iris Roberts - Barry & Audrey Barkel

Edgar & Rosemary Collier - Doug & Rosemary Elfring

Rose Evans - Richard & Carolyn Cunkle

Mari1yn Thomas & Glyn Jones - Rolf& Harriet Amsler

Brian & Gaynor George - David & Ellen Norton

Val & Tony Bell - David & Sheila Blough

Tony & Liz Elston - Mary Hess

Peter & Marjorie Evans - Richard & Mary Jo Nehring

Jane & Malcolm Price - Gretchen Driskell & Children

Taff & Rae Williams - Pat & Sheila Little

Rob Griffith - Paul & Judy Bunten

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