Brecon Youth Soccer Visit

Fun Times and Farewell

The 16 players and 4 coaches of the Brecon Town Football Club spent an event-filled 12 days in Saline. As is the custom with our sister cities, all of the guests stayed in homes with Saline families. By the time the boys left, they and their host families had formed real friendships. The players and coaches all thanked their host families: Dottie and Bob Barnes, Nancy and Larry (Timmer) Beach, Val and Mark Morsfield, Melinda and Kim Cameron, Marcia and Bob Boerema, Irene and John Althaus, Sharon and Ted Douglas, Linda Duvall, Carolyn and Paul Myers, Marjorie and Don Shelton, Sheila and Pat Little, and Sue and Jim Keezer. At a farewell party on July 10, the visitors and host families gathered for a fond farewell amidst promises that their friendships will be renewed in the future.  

A visit to Cedar Point was a hit
Rolling Hills Water Park was a nice break from the heat
Coaches got in a little fishing and a trip to Cabelas
Some boys had a go at rollerblading
Relaxing times with the hosts
The Farewells

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