Preservation Rentschler 

The Rentschler Farm  is located on U.S. 12 ( 1265 East Michigan Avenue) just East of the Saline Ford Plant. The Farm is open Saturdays 11a.m.- 3 p.m., May through October, except Holiday weekends

The Mission and Goals of Preservation Rentschler

Why Preserve - Our Mission - Our Goals

Exterior Work - Based on a 1912 photograph of the 1906 farmhouse, with the Emanuel and Elizabeth Rentschler Family gathered on the lawn, the porch is now restored to its original style. The farmhouse has been painted beige, with appropriate trim colors.

Interior Work - A committee of ladies continues to research and restore the farmhouse. The master bedroom is papered with a document wallpaper, Saline Orchid, reproduced from one of Salineís historic homes. Another paper of the arts and crafts period hangs in the dining room and a new wood floor has been installed. The kitchen is painted and outfitted with a working 1930s gas stove. Future plans for the sitting room include the consideration of a paint treatment or stenciling craft to show what was popular in the arts and crafts time period. Upstairs, a hired manís room is furnished with a simple bed, a trunk, washstand, and chair. A young childís room at the head of the front stairway shows a bed, as well as some clothing and a few toys. Across the hail, a girlís room boasts a bright room with a lovely iron bedstead and a simple chest of drawers. A confirmation dress is displayed on a manikin. The woven rug on the floor is typical. The front room is being used an exhibit room, with Rentschler pictures and other artifacts.

Volunteer Restoration Team - Janet Swope (429-3164) heads our house committee. Anyone interested in joining our volunteer team should call. Spring workdays on Wednesdays are typically the time that our interior work is done.

The Mission and Goals of Preservation Rentschler

Why preserve

Historic preservation is about enjoyment, education and economic advantage. When we know our history we understand ourselves and our communities - local, state, national and global. History provides us with common values, enables us to plan intelligently and enriches our lives. We owe it to future generations to preserve the evidence of the past. The building environment that surrounds us is a special part of this heritage. The Rentschler Farm joins with the many other Saline community landmarks as lasting symbols of individual pride and of a community built on the foundation of our heritage.

Our Mission

To bring local history to the attention of the community as often and in as many ways as possible-turning our heritage into community pride through preservation and education

Our Goals

1. Preserve a typical family farm for future generations and through it tell the agricultural story of how Saline grew with the success of the farmer with emphasis on the dynamic years of the agricultural revolution, 1900 through 1950.

2. Maintain the Rentschler Farm Museum as a continuing showcase and example for the community, visitors and passers by of positive preservation attitudes and practices.

3. Compliment the east gate entrance to Saline by displaying to those who enter Saline a community that balances new industrial, commercial and residential development with respect for our heritage.

4. Use exhibits, descriptive materials and verbal explanations to educate visitors about the operation of a family farm during the period with emphasis on the importance of the food industry to us all.

5. Provide exhibit space for the Rentschler family history, as well as other local farm family histories.

6. Coordinate with the chamber of commerce to develop press releases and literature that promote activities at the farm museum to compliment the goals of the Saline business community.

7. Coordinate with the Saline City Council and Historic District Commission to fulfill lease requirements and compliment city of Saline goals.

8. Continually encourage and develop the participation of individuals and groups that show an interest in helping to carry out the mission of the Farm Museum.

9. Maintain a balance between education and entertainment activities recognizing the need for special events to attract visitors to accomplish our mission.  

10. Maintain an awareness for safety, security and health in all activities.