Friday, February 23, 2001

The Bowley Bust

Pub Night 2001 was the unveiling of the new Arthur Bowley Bust. The right to possess this lucky treasure for a year will be the prize item at future Pub Nights. Cllr. Arthur Bowley, M.B.E., has been a member of the Brecon Town Council for over 25 year and has been Mayor 3 times. He was instrumental in the founding and development of our sister city relation. The bust was carved by local Saline artisan Floyd Rhadigan.

Former Saline Mayor Don Shelton listens patiently(?) as former Mayor Pat Little prepares to unveil the Bowley Bust

Former Mayor Mark Hopper displays the Bust to potential bidders


Ryan and Patti Robinson, owners of "Pasties and More" in downtown Saline are the first proud winning bidders for the Bowley Bust. Thanks, Patti and Ryan, for your generous help to the Guild.

A Gallery of Pub Night 2001

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