Friday, February 25, 2000

The annual Pub Night celebration of St. David's Day in Saline saw the best turnout ever for the event. With entertainment by Saline's own Fiddlers Philharmonic, the crowd of over 150 were treated to an evening of good fun and great music.

Former Mayor Mark Hopper and Mayor Gretchen Driskell presided over most of the benefit auction. which raised over $1,000 for the Guild. 



Sustaining members are eligible in a raffle for a $500 travel voucher donated by Landmark Travel. Matthew Driskell assisted Judge Shelton in the drawing of the winning ticket. Joan Lee was the winner and pledged to us the voucher for a 2000 trip to Brecon.

For the past 10 years, Pub Night has featured the auction of  a lucky "rare" Roman coin reputed to have been found in the ruins of the ancient Roman Fort near Brecon. The successful bidder wins possession of the coin for a year with all of the accompanying good fortune it brings.

Last year's winners, David and Sheila Blough described the great fortune bestowed on them by the coin in 1999. Judge Shelton counsels Saline Council member Karilyn Roberts on the techniques for successful bidding.




The bidding for the coin this year was intense since it will be permanently retired after this auction. Karilyn won the bidding and the right to proudly possess the coin throughout this first year of the millennium. Karilyn is shown here with State Representative Gene DeRossett and his wife Sandy, long-time supporters of the Guild. They were joined by emcee Joan Roth.

Courtesy of Frank Weir, here are some other photos from a fun evening.

The "money-changers" convert dollars to "pounds". Eric and Gretchen Grossman are faithful supports of Pub Night.


City Attorney Allan Grossman with Guild President Norlaine Tinsey and her Consort, Harold.

The evening concluded with more rousing music from the "Fiddlers"