The Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild

Brecon Night in Saline 2012

The Saline Brecon Friendship Guild continued its annual fundraising "Brecon Night" tradition to raise monies to support the ongoing 46 year old sister city relationship with Brecon, Wales. The event, formerly known as "Pub Night", was started in 1998.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dick Nehring checks in with Bruce Westlake to exchange dollars for "pounds", the only currency accepted at Brecon Night.
The bar was ably staffed by Dick Cunkle, Bruce Westlake, and apparent supervisor Jack Ceo. Marjorie Shelton recounts her good fortune during the past year with the SBFG "Chain of Honor"
The folk singing trio entertained the crowd during dinner.
Emcee Jack Ceo and SBFG President Dottie Barnes.
Long time attendees included Marge Delhey, Betty Charles and Carl Weller, and Marjorie Shelton.
Mayor Gretchen Driskell looked over the many silent auction items and the Jack Ceo and Paul Bunten announced the bidding results.
David and Sheila Blough became the proud 2012 possessors of the SBFG "Chain of Honor" with their high bid.
(photos by Don Shelton)