The Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild

Brecon Night in Saline 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

A large crowd attended the Brecon Night festivities. Paul and Judy Bunten staffed the "lubrication station" and accepted only Saline's version of one pound notes (still no Euros!)
Rolf Amsler was supposed to recount his good fortune from possessing the Bowley Bust last year but mainly deferred to his absent wife, Harriet Jim Roth displayed the Bowley Bust during the annual live auction for the right to have Arthur Bowley's visage stay in a Saline home for 2010.
Jerry Wingate was apparently thrilled to learn that his wife Sandy was bidding heavily to take Arthur home with her. In a testament to the power of good fortune that follows the Bowley Bust, last year's winner Rolf Amsler was the top bidder again in 2010. Wife Harriet was not available for comment.
Event hosts Jack Ceo and Linda TerHaar announce the winners of the silent auction of many beautiful items donated by Saline businesses and friends.
Elizabeth Colson, who has attended these events for the last six of her seven years of age, drew the winning ticket for the 50-50 raffle
And winner Kathy Chapin is congratulated by Elizabeth, her mom Tracy and Grandpa Don Shelton Elizabeth Colson and her Brecon Night pal, Sandy Wingate
The evening centered, however, around good times with old and new friends